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Fullmetal Alchemist 2 Fanart

2 pieces of Art, both have links on the image that go to deviantArt

title: Oh yeah?
character: Edward Elric
rating: G
A/N: Realistic rendering of Edward, I aged him up a little since I like drawing older Ed.

title:Boyishly Good Looks.
character: Roy Mustang
rating: G
A/N: Realistic rendering of a young Roy with a very earnest look on his face, most likely pre-Isbal.
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Fullmetal Alchemist (Brotherhood) art

Yay, new fandom!

Title: Young Roy Mustang
Summary: Young Roy Mustang lineart, I'll get around to coloring it in at some point.

FMA historical Japan
Summary: Fun little AU exercise, FMA takes place in historical Japan instead of not-quite-historical Germany.

TItle: Team Mustang as the Shinsengumi

Title: The Elric Brothers as samurai
A/N: I've gotten multiple messages about Alphone's armor not being bulky enough, I would like to point out that samurai armor usually isn't bulky because they have to fight with a katana, not a giant claymores or maces. So yes, it was a conscious decision to make him smaller.

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Bleach art dump

Have not updated in a while. Here's a massive art dump. Let's do this chronologically from oldest to newest:

A/N: Out of all the Visoreds I kind of envisioned Shinji as being the only
one to get the hell out of Karakura Town and just wander around the
world. The idea of him just hanging around in Rome, drinking, and
listening to Charlie Parker, Louis Armstrong, and Duke Ellington during
the 1950s seemed to fit him in my head canon, I'm sure it probably took a
lot of coercing on the Visoreds' part to get him to go back.

Bankai Speculations for Ukitake and Shunsui

Yeah, I know, it's one of those silly kinds of things that the kids do, but I couldn't resist especially since I was fiddling around with Final Fantasy and for some reason my brain though that bankais that were summoning would be cool.

Ukitake's bankai: summoning Leviathan

Shunsui's bankai: summoning Asura
A/N: thought it would be neat if Shunsui's bankai was Asura because of his
whole affinity for females. Of course in the game she's a healer and in
Bleach Ukitake seemed to imply that Shunsui's bankai was dangerous(?).
Oh well.

summary: Some sketches, I saw a dj where the style was a bit more loose and flowing with more realistic features, trying it out on Ichigo, Uryuu, and Ukitake (kind of screwed up his hair, oops).

Summary: So there was this AU that was knocking around in my head where Ukitake was sent to investigate the Hollow Incident instead of Rose and everything still went to shit. So Ukitake ended up being a Visored and Shunsui ended up being kind of scary, because Ukitake wasn't around to keep him in check. I would write it if I didn't have issues with completing stories (i.e. I don't even know how to begin to end it...Hey! WHO WANTS A UKITAKE/SHUNSUI BUNNY?!).

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Bleach Fanart: 2 vipers and 4 crossovers

Title: Treacherous
Summary: Wanted to draw this after 453. Didn't trust Ginjo since the beginning. Here is an awesome post by bonefield that lays this out eloquently:

~~~~~~~~~ More Lighthearted Fare~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
At some point I realized that the bleach characters basically fulfilled certain Final Fantasy jobs, that and I just kind of wanted to play dress up with them. Hee

Title: Thief Gin

Title: Archer Uryuu

Title: White Mage Orihime

Title: Dark Knight Ichigo

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Moar Bleach fanarts

Title: Brainwash
Characters: Tsukishima, Ichigo
Summary: Had this idea floating around in my head after reading 452, kind of solidified after reading 453... yeaaaah mindfucking Ichigo XD this is so much fun.

Title: Flirt
Pairing: Ichigo x Urahara
Summary: Future-art. These two really are my OTP and I really liked the idea of an older Ichigo making a move instead of Urahara.

x-posted to kurosaki_clinic  and uraichi 
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Bleach fanart

The Pendulum Swings Forward Set:

Title: Older Yachiru and Zaraki
Genre: Gen, Future-art, AU
Characters: Yachiru, Zaraki

Title: Kurosaki-taichou
Genre: Gen, Future-art, AU
Characters: Ichigo

Title: Arm Annoyances
Genre: Gen, Future-art, AU
Characters: Urahara, Gin (*covers ears* he's not dead! >_< LALALALAA)


Title: Other Shores
Genre: Gen, AU
Characters: Ichigo, Renji, Byakuya
Summary: Shinigamis wearing the reaper uniforms from other soul societies (assuming there are other soul societies).

[all links go to DeviantArt]
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Yuletart wishes

Dear Secret yuletart Artist,

Here is my wishes post! Feel free to read through and use any of these ideas if you'd like more information about my preferences!

Hi, sorry, this is a little late. And if you've gotten started on drawing, then don't worry about it.

Pairings I like in [specific fandom]:

(Merlin/Arthur, all other pairings that don't overwrite this one is fine. Moreover I don't really want see Uther or Gaius in a sexual way.)
Sherlock (2010 BBC - Sherlock/John, mycroft/lestrade)
Stardust (canon pairings or gen)
American Gods (gen)
Good Omens (Az/Crowley)
Marvel Comics (Dr. Strange/ (gen or Cleo), Steve/Tony),
Temeraire( Up to you, although I've only read through 2 1/2 books)
Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell (The Raven King, canon pairings or gen)
Harry Potter (Harry/Snape, Al/Scorpius, anything else that doesn't overwrite the first two)
Star Trek (Kirk/Bones, any other pairings that don't overwrite the first two is fine.)

Imagery I like in [specific fandom]:
-Anything Myst-like is awesome:
-Age of Sail
-I have a thing for interesting clothes and settings

-please avoid any RPF/band AU/american idol AU/fashionista AU